CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements, performed at high intensity.


Constant variation means changing your workout every time. For true fitness ,routine is the enemy. The more consistent your routine is the less you’ll be prepared for the unexpected. What will life demand of you tomorrow? No one knows. Your training should reflect that. CrossFit consistently mixes weight training, gymnastics drills, and endurance conditioning in as many combinations as possible. The result: fitness that gets you ready for anything in the real world.

Functional movements are what prepare you for life: squatting, running, jumping, throwing, pulling, picking things up, and everything else your day asks of you. Functional movements weren’t invented by anyone and they are found everywhere. This is what our bodies were meant to do. This type of movement is a part of our DNA. CrossFit workouts use functional movements because they are exponentially more effective for life outside the gym!

Intensity is a measurement of physics, not opinion. It is a key element of fitness. Intensity is measured by how fast you get real work done. Casual jogging is easy and low intensity, racing as fast as you can is harder and high intensity. Work is force x distance. Average power is work divided by time. The more work you do in less time, the higher the average power and the harder it is. This is real intensity: not how loud you run or how red your face gets. True intensity brings the best results.





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